Tango in Hamburg

Last week-end i took my bike and rode all the way to Eimsbüttel to watch tango dancers in the middle of the sunday warm afternoon.

i saw beautiful people.

Some were dancing, some were dancing beutifully and some were in symbiose, harmonious. Leaving their bodies express all the emotions felt by the music, making one.

By watching them, i felt sharing something special with them while the time was frozen. Just admiring them turning on themselves in a sensual choregraphy.


Tango is not about dancing.

Tango is the emotional expression of the music we hear, how it vibrates in one’s soul and the way you want to share it with your partner.  The sound of the accordeon in the argentine tango music submerge you, full of nostalgie and melancholy. If you think i exagerate, look at their eyes when they dance.

I also find some similarities with photography where the outcome of a picture is the combination of a subject and how the photographer want to express what he sees.

I chose to take these pictures with a blur to try to express the movement s owe could nearly imagine their next step.

A dedicated page on Hamburg can be visited on this site following this link Hamburg  You will also find other pictures of Hamburg on the Reflektion section following this link Reflection

Argentine tango radio

Tango in Hamburg


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