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Welcome to “Coming exhibition” page.

Buchdrucker ordered this exhibition on the theme of Hamburg. I was lucky enough to be given full liberty on what I would show.

I selected 30 pictures representing a good overview of my work and that I also framed. In this selection a predominance for light, movement and reflexion will be seen.

the light
The sun provides you most of the time the best light emphasizing on the contrast and putting the character under its best lights. But my preference is for fog, rain, snow, darkness because it creates a special atmosphere.
Saul Leiter is definitely a big reference for me in that respect.

Hamburg – the violinist

the movement
When you take a clear picture of a dancer, for example, it is a frozen instant of this dancer. If you take the same picture letting the movement express itself, then it provides you some feel for the instant. Gives you some other dimension.

the reflection
Taking a picture of a building can be simple. But finding the right and interesting reflection to take a picture of this same building can be challenging. As a photographer, it also provides the excitement of a hunt. Finding the good support to get the right reflection from, with the right angle or layers. And try to make it interesting.
A photo is the reflection of our memory of places. Picturing reflections creates a distortion of our memory through the various effects. But it also offers the opportunity to see with a wider angle by partially showing, or making guess, what we would normally turn our back to.

The exhibition

A special Vernissage will be held on the 12th April from 18:00 to 20:00 to celebrate this first exhibition. It will be held at  KULTURETAGE ALTONA  (Grosse Bergstrasse 160, 1st floor). Anja Mattner will interprete a jazz repertoire, along with two musicians. La Cuisine de Lilly will also propose some delicious fingerfood.


The main exhibition will be held from the 16th April to 30th September 2019 at BUCHDRUCKER (Steilshooper Strasse 94).



For more information, please send a message following this link


The partners

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