New York

A wild field of stones grew on the meadows of Manhattan with different species of Art Deco and cubic style. This piece of land pointing to the horizon like a ship eager to discover the world.

If one stands on the top of it, in the middle of the clouds, the feeling of being the captain of this ship will invade. It makes you feel powerful while observing the colonies of ants following the straights lines designed for the purpose.

If one stands in front of it, it looks like the curve of a beat full of energy and positive vibes. Creative, open, ambitious, here to stay.

Architecture lovers will see in Manhattan an open museum where a surprise stands at each corner of streets and avenues. The curiousity my lead them inside these temples of capitalism. The time will not be wasted as further treasure can be discovered.

City of money and empires, city of culture and melting pots. No wonder it became the place where everything seemed possible.  Where the immigrants from all over Europe set foot for the first time, in Ellis Island,with their dreams and hopes as only luggages and under a “Welcome to America”. The place where fortunes where made and artists blossomed. Sometimes, You can forget yourself and feel like travelling the world when going to areas like Little Italy or China town.

This urban exception is also surrounded by its three quarters, Queens, Brooklyn and Harlem. Each of them hiding in the shadow of Manhattan but neververtheless unique by their history, architecture, culture, communities and atmosphere. Each of them deserving to be seen.

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