Welcome to iompicture

I created this site in answer of one of my existential question.

Photographie is a passion deeply anchored in me since ever. I felt it was an obvious fact. In the past years, this passions developed and, hopefully, my technic also.

I was taking pictures and, after a while, I was wondering what was the purpose of what I was doing? And I realise that to do something you like is good, but sharing it is even better.

My dream is to exhibit my pictures and this site is, hopefully, one step in this direction.

I also enjoy framing the pictures with wooden homemade frames and I propose my pictures for sale, preferably framed.
A section on the framing will come soon.

By the way, the name of the site is iom for in oculis memoria. The memory is in the eyes. And more precisely in the eyes of the photographer; a picture is the combination of a subject and the sensibility of the eye that sees it.

And if you want to know where I come from, look in the eye. 😉

I hope you will enjoy what I show and your comments, questions or critics are all welcomed.


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