Welcome to iompicture !

iom stands for In Oculis Memoria. The memory in the eyes because what we see is a great part of our souvenir and photography is a huge contributor to our collective memory and knowledge of the past.

Through these pages I will try to make you travel in my world, hoping this will echo in your artistic sensibility.

I am a French passionate photographer and if you want to know where exactly I am from, well, look at me in the eye and you will know.

Since 2010, I am based in the inspiring city of Hamburg.
A full section is dedicated to Hamburg and other references can also be found in the section Reflection.

A good picture is not a perfect picture. A good picture is just a good picture.

I developed in Hamburg a taste for street photography, taken on the spot, sometimes with its imperfection. The imperfection of a picture is what gives it a soul with its blurs, its unintentional tilting, sometimes with its unexpected outcome. The best equipment of a photographer remain his eyes. Alberto Korda (photograph that took the iconic picture of Che Guevara in 1960) said: ‘forget the camera, forget the objective, forget all of that. With any 4 dollars camera we can make the best of pictures”. Because what makes a good picture is the emotion. The imperfection is also here to remind us that the photographer is an element of the final result as it is taken following her/his perceptions, feelings and instinct of the moment.

The “Carnet de voyages” section will take you through some of my travel experiences.

All pictures are available for sale on request and prices will depend on size, quality (from standard paper to fine art) and framing that you wish.

All pictures are framed with hand made wooden frames. Specific supports, like acrylic or on alu-dibond, can also be used. Already made pictures for sale can be found on the SHOP page.

So, enjoy the visit and don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any question or if you wish to leave comments. I will be pleased to answer you or just read them.

7th_fapa_nominee (1)FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2021

The cranes: nominee in the section Fine Art

M.: In the section street photography


The cranes: Honorable mention in the professional section of cityscape!



The latest pictures: 

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