Cuba the emerald, pearl of the Caribbean?

Is Cuba stuck in time or the time has forgotten Cuba?

Coming to Cuba is like a pilgrimage to our ancestors’ age. It is a sweet travel  far from our daily references.

Although it is part of their identity for the rest of the world, no doubt that Cubans would rather hear the clock ticking. Ticking faster to catch up on the lost time, to catch up on the rest of the world.

on the road8The propaganda messages spread all over the country do not mobilize the consciences anymore. The time of the revolution heroes is now far behind and the contained aspirations can’t wait to be expressed. Because the imposed dream was caught up by reality.

But we wish that, in the race for a better quality of life, they do not sacrifice what they have best in themselves and lose sight of who they are.

Their culture and their sense of hospitality, for example, that makes you genuinely welcome. This healthy tourism scattered over with its anachronisms. Simple but pleasant. In contrast with Varadero, remains of a bygone age when Cuba was a playground. Because this country has much to offer and this could be their ticket to a better life.

Habana, city whose name sounds like the title of a Salsa, reflects well the spirit of the country. The Malecon, symbol of the local culture after sunsets, where people meet, dance, play music, eat and drink. Just enjoy simple things.

Habana29The years did not spare this city and we can see the scares that it inflicted like a masking veil. The politics may not have seen the need to take a little care of this jewel, probably symbolizing what they were fighting against.

Because Habana is a jewel. Today you need a lot of imagination to see through this but, architecturally, Habana is a treasure. A treasure that is, bit by bit, fading away. That we are all losing.

Cuba is famous for its white sand and palm trees beaches. But Cuba is more than that.

Vinales13The inland is simply an emerald with an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Admiring the view of the Viñales valley with its rock picks from the belvedere is a delight your eyes will thank you for and your memory will never forget.

One can only wonder what will the future make of this beautiful island.

More pictures of Cuba can be seen following this link Kuba



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